JAOO, Århus 2009 - Day two

  • Simon Peyton-Jones speaks incredibly fast.
  • Haskell type classes is a very clever idea.
  • With the number of transistors used to produce one Itanium processor you could have made a processer with the equivalent of 100 Pentium III processors - incredible.
  • Kresten Krab Thorub kind'a lost me with his Actor framework, but confirmed my suspicion that I that it's about time to learn Scala.
  • Dave Thomas confesses being an stateful sinner (but claims to have been stateless for some years now).
  • Lunch was still bad. Still no chair, but at least I got a fork today.
  • OSGi is still growing.
  • REST is great for role-playing-games (okay, maybe that wasn't exactly Ian Robinson was trying to make, but it certainly was an entertaining talk). Wonder why all the (2 or 3) women left during his talk. No sense of humor?
  • Spring 3.0 includes a REST Client Template, which might be worth examining.
  • I'm tired, but it was a good day.

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